Aventura Arsenal Park

News Adventure Park Arsenal has 6 progressive difficulty tracks, accessible for various age groups, strength and courage. Each participant to the adventure receives a two carabiners safety equipment to be used at all times, according to our safety measures.


Where do we spend our holiday?

Offers Along with your family or with your friends, come to Arsenal Park to spend a few days of relaxation. No need to go thousands of miles away from Romania to find cool places to spend your holidays. At Arsenal Park, you have dozens of opportunities for fun and relaxation along the 88 acres!


Open air museum

Museum The Arsenal Park Museum is the largest military open air museum in Romania, opened to public. See here a selection of exhibits from the Arsenal Park Museum!

Team Building for your team!

Team Building Here, at Arsenal Park, you find the best ideas for organizing a teambuilding by the book! Nowhere, the idea of a team will be put to the test more! Strengthen your team through a training at Arsenal Park and you will have the most powerful marketing strategy from your people!