Military training

Arsenal Park military training is a unique activity in Romania, set up as entertainment. Military based, this activity is actualy a sportive training which aims to prepare the „soldiers” to confront the most dificult combat situations. The military training starts with a 2 km march from the Headquarters, all the way to the training ground.

Airsoft & Paintball

The former ammunition factory is now an adrenalin factory. The infrastructure of the park allows the simulation of different war situations, which makes it the greatest place for war games: AIRSOFT and PAINTBALL. Any good shooter would be truly glad to use a 1000mp warehouse, a realistic place that can genuinly reproduce the guerrilla struggle. Present Arms!

Firearms shooting

One of our latest adrenaline pumper activity is firearms shooting.
It is, probably, the most realistic military activity so far, along with military training.
This activity is performed on a special shooting range, situated at the entrance in Arsenal Park, under the careful guidance of our instructors.

Armoured rides

At first glance, the romanian carrier from 1964 and the swedish and danish carriers seem to be just mammoth crawlers. You will regard them with respect and enthusiasm after climbing a 45 degrees ramp of after a near-vertical descent of a slope. Without seatbelt! These carriers go through ditches, over the slopes, through the forest, under the branches, just like a Soviet soldier.

Recreational vehicles at Arsenal Park

Do you want more action? It can be done! Our park is equipped with a fleet of recreational vehicles that you can use to exhaustion. With a steering wheel or a lever. With or without pedals. Whatever the choice, the work required is served with plenty of cheer .


The bow, used on the battlefield several centuries ago, became an Olympic sport. At Arsenal Park, we use specialized bows, which meet the standards of the French Archery Federation, the Romanian Federation being one of its members.

Archers will shoot at fixed targets

Campfire at Arsenal Park

After a day full of adrenaline, what can be more relaxing than spending a special evening around an impressive campfire?

The party continues outdoors, with music for all tastes and dancing around the campfire. Our menu is rich, designed to satisfy the hunger of all who participated, more or less, at the outdoor activities: appetizers (cream cheese and cheese platters, dried sausages, bacon, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions), barbecue dishes (baked potatoes, mici, pork neck, chop, drumsticks and wings), fruit tarts and traditional drinks (blueberries drink, wine, brandy and beer).

Airsoft gun and Paintball gun target shooting

Whether you are passionate about airsoft or paintball or have never held a weapon (fire or reply) in your hand, we propose a precision test: fixed target shooting with airsoft or paintball guns.

Multifunctional sports fields

For a clasic physical activity, you have at your disposal out multifunctional Arsenal Park sports fields, where you can play football, basketball, tenis, voleyball.


Minigolf is played on a special field, with balls and clubs. The goal is to bring the ball from initial point of departure into the hole in as few strokesas possible.

Game room

Indoors fun! At the end of a long day, sometimes, our guests enjoy playing society games such as: darts, poker, ping-pong, table football, air hockey, billiards.

Outdoors cinema

After a full day of action, what can be more enjoyable than … an action movie? Arsenal Park is proud of its full-fledged theatre, with 200 seats and a projection room. Commando movies, bam-bam, western, war documentary movies od footages of your group at Arsenal Park. All projected on a huge screen in a natural landscape. The movies were never watched so close to the „battlefield”.

Activity Park Arsenal

Children’s outdoor playground, Activity Park Arsenal, was conducted by analyzing the geometry of the field concept, establish best practices to be addressed to exploit and enhance the relationship witht he natural environment and also to highlight military theme park.

Treasure Hunt

The adrenalin is put into operation also in games of treasure hunt. The forest and Arsenal Park Museum are the ideal place to hide and search for „treasures”. Games rounds require full use of concentration and orientation.

Team Building for your team!

Team Building Here, at Arsenal Park, you find the best ideas for organizing a teambuilding by the book! Nowhere, the idea of a team will be put to the test more! Strengthen your team through a training at Arsenal Park and you will have the most powerful marketing strategy from your people!


Open air museum

Museum The Arsenal Park Museum is the largest military open air museum in Romania, opened to public. See here a selection of exhibits from the Arsenal Park Museum!

The pool!

After a hard military training, airsoft and paintball fights, armoured ride bumps or after the delicious meal at the Mess, the pool is like a small blue oasis in a sea of greenery.

Notice: the access to the pool is allowed only to the clients staying at Arsenal Park.

Fitness Park

Now, you can do your work out … out, on the open! We set up a special area for fitness equipment, as you train while enjoying surrounding nature.

Skate Park Arsenal

Skate Park Arsenal is one of the projects completed by Arsenal Park in 2014. Opened in November, Skate Park Arsenal is the largest in Transylvania and ranked 3rd in the country, after the ones in Bucharest and Constanta.

Arsenal Rink

Arsenal rink is provided with artificial ice, which operates independently of the temeperature and umidity conditions, does not require water use or maintenance refrigeration.

Manege Arsenal

Manege Arsenal is one of the objectives included in the project “Improving the quality of tourism services in Arsenal Park by creating a specific recreational facilities.” The Arsenal Manege is located near the eastern border of Arsenal Park, as a starting point for rides in the park area. Apart from leisure, there will be organized…

Multipurpose Sports Hall

Multipurpose Sports Hall, with its annexes functions will be located close to Aqua Park, with access from the existing road within Arsenal Park. Being located near the spa, it will have the same architectural features, large area glass for natural lighting and good visual relationship with the surrounding landscape. Although they represents two distinct objectives,…

AquaPark Arsenal

AquaPark Arsenal, with its annexes functions, will be located in the proximity of multifunctional sportshall, with access from the existing road within Arsenal Park. Being located near the hall, it will have the same architectural features,  large area glass for natural lighting and a good visual relationship with the surrounding landscape. Although they represent two…

PowerFan Jumps

Fun and adrenalin! Arsenal Park dares you again: PowerFan Jumps! It’s all about 30 meters high jumps, assisted by a POWERFAN device- a next-generation system used for freefall jumps without an elastic chord or a parachute. It has a Petzl safety system, central, in one point.

Arsenal Zip Line

The latest and most exciting activity at Arsenal Park is the longest zip line in Romania. An 580 meters one segment, starting from a height of 45 meters. The speed reached is 45 km / h and the weight limit is 130 kg. There is the possibility of being accompanied by one of the instructors, and minors are mandatory accompanied by an Arsenal Park employee. Each participant receives a safety system.