Arsenal Park Prices for accommodation & activities

Note: Arsenal Park makes constant efforts to keep the content of this page up to date and accurate. Infrequently, this information may contain inaccuracies.


  • 230 beds as accomodation
  • Restaurant for 100 people
  • A conference room for 150 people
  • Access price is 10 lei/visiting hour for adults and free for children under 3 years old.
  • Resort fee is 1.5euro/person
  • Accomodation rates include breakfast (swedish buffet) and VAT

Tarife de cazare


Room name
Room type
Officer Room
50 euro
55 euro
Cannon Room
APC Room
55 euro
59 euro
Colonel Apartment
4 persons per room, 2 matrimonial beds
85 euro
General Villa
4 persons per room, 2 matrimonial beds
150 euro

Note: Free wireless *. VAT included.
*There is free wi-fi in the Arsenal Headquarters, in the Mess/Restaurant and in other specific points of interest.

The APC and Cannon Room are not suited to set up an extra bed.

  • Entertainment Center (biliards, ping-pong, darts, poker, foosball)
  • Arsenal Playground for children outdoor Fitness Park
  • Fitness open air
  • Skatepark
  • AquaPark Arsenal - Rates for adults: 30 lei/3h, 50 lei all day long; Rates for children*: 25 lei /3h, 40 lei all day long; Extra hour: 10 lei; Towel rental: 12 lei; Lost bracelet: 200 lei (* for children up to 14 years old; free for children under 3).
  • Rates for VIP Belvedere access (availability: 50 seats) - Adults: 80 lei – sunbed and towel included; Children: 50 lei – sunbed and towel included. Note: the ticket is bought at the entrance. Once in AquaPark Arsenal, you may exit the site for maximum 10 minutes.
  • paragliding - 170 lei/person; minimum age: 12; admissible weight : 30-95 kg
  • military training - the only activity set up as entertainment - 35 lei/person; for 20 persons at least; time: 1.5 hours for 20 people, 3.5-4 hours for 60 people
  • treasure hunt – 35 lei/person; time: 2.5 hours
  • Airsoft fights - 70 lei/person/session (a session implies 450 balls, the request has to be made 72 hours in advance, for at least 12 up to 25 persons/session); time: 1 hour
  • Paintball fights - 70 lei/person/session (a session implies 100 balls, the request has to be made 72 ore in advance, for at least 10 up to 20 persons/session); time: 1 hour and 45 minutes
  • Archery - 30 lei/person/session (a session implies 10 arrows/person);
  • Airsoft / paintball gun target shooting - 70 lei/person/session (the request has to be made 72 hours in advance , for at least 12 persons, up to 25 players/session); time: 1 hour and 45 minutes
  • Armoured rides - 850 lei/session, up to 15 persons; time: 45 minutes
  • Golf karts rental - 50 lei/ 30 minutes; 18+ only; maximum 2 people in the car; driving license required
  • Jeep wrangler go kart bike rental – 20 lei/h;
  • Citybike rental (only on the alleys) - 5 lei/h;
  • Minigolf field rental – 10 lei/h/person.
  • Rink access - 10 lei/ 2h; skates included.
  • Sports field rental (tennis, football, basketball, volleyball) - 50 lei/h
  •  Adventura Park Arsenal - 6 trails, 77 elements: Adults: 40 lei; Children: 35 lei; time: 3 hours. additional hour: 20 lei.
  • The Arsenal Watertower is the starting point for two of the latest activities in the park: Arsenal Zipline and Arsenal PowerFan Jumps. The less brave guests can simply admire the landscape from the above, without trying these activities. For any of these three leisure possibilities, the acces is through the elevator by buying a 30 lei ticket/person. Once up in the elevator, the amount (30 lei) is not refundable under any circumstances.
  • skatepark access - free of charge

The Firearm Shooting Activity is suspended for the moment. Please consider other entertainment activities, as suggested by the Arsenal Park instructors. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Kalasnikov package 10 cartridges (cal. 7,62) 150 lei/persON
  • Sniper Master package 10 cartridges (cal. 30-06) 185 lei/persoN
  • Young Guns package 10 cartridges (cal. 5,6 with gun or pistol)100 lei/person
  • Police Special package 10 cartridges (Glock, CZ, Jerico – 9 mm): 130 lei/person
  • Plates package - 10 plates, 10 cartridges: 130 lei/person
Observation: This activity is only for those who are over 18 years old and for at least 12 persons. The request must be made at least 72 hours in advance.
  • Arsenal Relaxing Massage 30 min: 50 lei
  • Back Pain Treatment 40 min: 50 lei
  • Head, Neck & Feet Treatment 30 min: 40 lei
  • Aromatherapy Body Massage 50 min: 60 lei
  • Prices above includ VAT.
  • Activities such as: military training, treasure Hunt, archery, airsoft, paintball, airsoft & paintball guntarget shooting, fire arms shooting and contracting a DJ for the campfire are meant for groups of clients, not for individual clients.
  • Activities such as bike, Jeep Wrangler Go-Cart, golf karts rental are for individual clients.
  • Activities such as: armoured rides, sports fields access, theatre access are for both groups and individual clients.
  • All activities will be scheduled with at least 48 hours ahead, excepting those with time modification agreements.
  • All activities are performed under the supervision of instructors, depending on their availability and planned events.